ZaKode v1.0 - конструктор веб-сайтов


Kode - мощный конструктор веб-сайтов без кодирования и sql-компоновщика.
Requirement System requirements for running this ZaKode application
PHP 5.5 or higher (if use PHP 7.1 You will get an error on debugging)
Mysql Server 4.1.13 or higher
Apache / Nginx
Mysqli extension
Session Extension
mcrypt Extension

How to install
1. Upload the zip file downloaded to your server in the public_html or any other directory you intend the script to run.
2. Extract the zip file in that directory.
3. Create a new database from your server MySQL with PhpMyAdmin or other tools.
4. Create db user to the database and link that database to the db user.
5. Go to the URL of the unzipped folder.
6. Follow the instructions with the installation wizard, just by clicking the Next button and you are asked to fill in the configuration

Zakode Documents
All Documents of use ZaKode on the site when the site is running.

!! Please Register Zakode application to get the license code, and we will process !!


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